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Thursday, October 6, 2011

Walmart Warning - Please Be Advised

I feel that I have to post this to warn everyone. Just because you buy a new prepaid phone at Walmart doesn't mean that phone hasn't been

activated before. I had this problem just recently.

I had bought my daughter a Blackberry Curve (Virgin Mobile) phone at Walmart. However before buying the phone I asked her what the return

policy on the phone was. Basically I had 15 days to return the phone and I would need the receipt. I had asked just in case my daughter didn't

like the phone. So I get home and we get ready to activate the phone. I had troubles finding the serial number on the phone so I called Virgin

Mobile for help. The live advisor who initially answered didn't know anything about the Blackberries and transferred me to the Blackberry dept.

Now, I find the serial number and surprise the phone had been activated before. She even had us go into the phone settings

or something and double check and sure enough it said my phone number and the number that had been assigned to the phone. I asked the

live advisor if the previous activation could be over rode the phone reactivated. She said yes but it could take up to 3 days to do so. At this

point I decide that I'm going to take the phone back to Walmart.

I get to Walmart and up to the service desk and I tell the associate I want a refund. I hand her the receipt and the bag with the phone in it etc.

She looks at the receipt and tells me the phone cars (VM prepaid minutes for the phone) can't be refunded. The cards were not in there. I had

made sure to get a VM phone cause if I needed to I would have used the minutes on my VM phone. So she takes out the battery to look for the serial number and remarks that she can't see it. I told her where the serial number was and she says she can't read it. After that she goes to a another section of the store to check the serial number I guess or something and she comes back and tells me she can't refund my money because the phone and the receipt don't match. Oh yeah and how would she know when she couldn't read the number. It took her less time to decide that the receipt and phone didn't match than it did for me to read the serial number. I used a magnifying glass to read the number and then it still took a while to read the numbers because they are so small. It is really easy to mix up the 3's and 5's and the 6's and 8's.

So back home I go and call Virgin Mobile yet again. I tell them that I have no choice but to get the phone activated because Walmart would not refund my money. So I go back to the beginning serial number and all. I am told yet again that the phone had been previously activated. So I tell the lady isn't there anything she can do. She tells me to hold on and she will see what she can do. In the meantime while waiting, my call gets disconnected. That was an 18 min. call that resulted in nothing.

So I call VM again. I have them put me through to the Blackberry dept. This time I get a male Live Advisor. I explain my problem and situation to him. So once again I read off this 18 digit phone serial number. He has me double check the phone for the number assigned and all. Then he tells me he will see what he can do. He managed to get rid of the old number and assign a new number to the phone. He did tell me that isn't always possible. Anyhow, once the new number got assigned he had me do some programming to the phone. After all that he had more programming or something to do so that my daughter would have full use of all the features of the phone. That phone call took 40 minutes and a lot of luck.

By now I'm so aggravated that it isn't even funny. But lesson learned I will never and I do mean never buy another prepaid cell phone at Walmart.

Full Price Paid - No Discounts for a Used Phone - Omitting to tell me it was previously used = Scam


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